Stop Overdose Now

Who We Are

The Stop Overdose Now Foundation brings together decades of experience and expertise in innovative public health science, entrepreneurial social marketing and internet technology. We have strong roots in the drug prevention, harm reduction, treatment, research, and policy communities. We all have friends that died of overdose, which is ultimately what makes us so passionate about this initiative. We understand this community; we are part of this community and have worked tirelessly over many years to avert needless pain and unnecessary deaths. Our knowledge, experience and compassion have led us to this place in time, and we are convinced that this project will culminate in dramatic life-saving results.

Bottom Up & Powered by People

We strongly believe that our initiative will only succeed if built bottom up from the communities that are affected, care and act. Our International Community Advisory Panel (iCAP) firmly grounds our initiative into a critical mass of people who know best the challenges involved and the potential benefits. Our initiative is supported by major international partner networks of civil society organizations working in harm reduction, public health, law enforcement, research, and drug policy, including organizations of people who use drugs. We are closely collaborating with these experts and partner organizations in the development and implementation our initiative.
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